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Integration Guide

If you have a web tool that allows users to export CSVs, you can easily integrate with OutreachApp so that your users can connect your CSVs to our outreach system!


  1. Generate URL to Access CSV: Your system will need to generate a URL to the CSV for OutreachApp to consume.
  2. Open OutreachApp Integration URL: http://app.outreachapp.com/integrate.php?column={n}&csv={URL}&r={r}.
    • required {n}: This is the column in your CSV file that corresponds to the links for contact finding.
    • required {URL}: This is the url encoded link to the CSV file your tool generated.
    • optional {R}: This a link to redirect to once the campaign upload is complete.
  3. User Interaction: Your users will enter their login credentials and name their campaign. Upon submit, it will download the CSV, extract the links from the provided column, create their campaign, and then display "Campaign Created".
  4. Close Window: Your user can then close the window.

Stylized Integration

Most tool providers will want to make this interaction as seemless as possible. We recommend using a lightbox style approach, where clicking on an "Export to OutreachApp" link will open a stylized iframe of the integration API.

Example Integration

broken link building
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