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How it Works

OutreachApp is a simple to use platform for creating and managing outreach efforts to webmasters. Customers of OutreachApp have used the tool for a variety of purposes ranging from contacting bloggers about new products to review, contacting webmasters for link building (and link removal) efforts, building affiliate partnerships, and even propsecting for clients!

Regardless of how you wish to use OutreachApp, the simple nature of creating and managing email templates combined with the powerful resource of webmaster contact information and affordable pricing make OutreachApp an essential part of your companies outreach efforts.

ImportTargets All we need is a list of URLS!

Importing targets as easy as uploading a CSV or copying and pasting a list of links. No matter how you built the list of websites to contact, you can pull it into your OutreachApp campaign.

Once you create an account, you simply click "new list" to begin the process of creating and uploading the sites you wish to contact. You have the opportunity to name your list (e.g. Acme Affiliate Outreach, Competitor A Link Poaching, etc.) before uploading a CSV containing all of the domains that you wish to contact.

DiscoverContacts With our massive database of emails

We employ over a half dozen different tactics to uncover contact information for websites automatically. We already have a database of millions of verified contacts for websites. Just upload your list of sites or web pages and we will help you find the relevant contact at that site automatically.

Once you have upload your list of sites for outreach, it may take up to 24 hours for OutreachApp to identify any available contact information for each of the webmasters.

EnsureDeliverability Through our whitelisted email services

outreachApp uses a series of whitelisted SMTP servers to assist you in sending out emails. We verify every email sent in advance to help you avoid getting on a blacklist.

Once OutreachApp has identified contact information for the websites, you can immediately begin sending emails to the webmasters. You will be able to tell when contact information is available, as the 'email' or 'contact form' icons will be highlighted. To send your email to the webmaster, you simply select the email icon, choose the email address you wish to send from, the template you wish to use, and hit send. Easily add verified email address to use as your send from email and create templates to use in your outreach campaign.

TrackCampaigns Send some today, more tomorrow... we'll keep track!

No more long spreadsheets, copying and pasting email addresses, marking off which ones you completed and which ones you didn't... Let our system track whether or not you have sent an email.

Our system tracks how many times you have attempted to contact each webmaster and also allows for you to make any notes about each site. This can be exceptionally handy in allowing multiple team members to work on a single list, or managing new templates for 2nd or 3rd attempts. What's more, is you can easily export all of your data into a csv or excel spreadsheet to see the contact count, notes, and contact information we have available for each website!

Plans starting as low as $10 per month!

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